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Grindarolla with Smoke
Grindarolla with a finished smoka

What makes the Grindarolla so great?

First of its kind, truly revolutionary. The Grindarolla is an all-in-one hand held system used for making great smokes and was created to help people make smokes in a much shorter period of time.

Using patented & copyrighted technology, you can make one or 5 smokes at the same time. It can store your pre roll papers empty or made in the extra containers.

No need for a cone roller, just use pre rolled paper. Works great with 84mm. There is also a storage container so you can carry everything with you!

No need for a drawer to keep all your gadgets inside. Everything you need is stored in on gadget.

No need for a table or a rolling tray. You can make smokes standing up whilst standing in the middle of a forest in a rainstorm… your smoke is protected.

No more worries about a gust of wind blowing your meterials around.

And, no more losing your parts because of course, the containers are threaded and the grinders are magnetically sealed. Get your Grindarolla today!

Grindarolla 1, 2. 3
1. Insert paper & materials into system, grind and fill 2.pack it or lightly tap on hand/table to compress contents 3. push the smoke out from the bottom

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Here we have the world’s first magnetic herb grinder, no kidding. It is still made with the original stainless steel mold that won the award. Retro, goes back to 2002 when creator Evan Ruzycky introduced his invention to the market for the first time. It soon went on to win awards and inspired many grinder entrepreneurs from all over.

This is it! It was a 2ft x 3ft table located on the 2nd floor of the Cannabusiness tradefair in Germany. It wasn’t even a booth, just a table and nobody was even on the 2nd floor with us! And it WON 1st place & forever changed the Herb grinder market!!!

Check it out….. these ball grinders are still made with the same stainless steel mold created in 2002. These balls are truly original and one of a kind. If you love this kind of stuff you will fall in love with our herb grinders, guaranteed!

Award Winning Ball Grinders
Award Winning 2002, 1st Place Product Innovation Award, Castraup-Rauxel, Germany, Cannabusiness Tradefair


You can read about it in Cannabis Culture Magazine, June 9, 2004: http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2004/06/09/3370

The assembly and magnetic feature of the grinder was revolutionary. The Herby’s Twist ballgrinder, AKA Grindaball was way ahead of its time. This invention modernized the herb grinder in these ways:. 

  • 2001, grinder assembly was re-engineered consisting of two grinder plates and two shells.
  • 2002, magnets were added to keep the two halves together
  • Any magnetized grinder shape could now be created
  • 2005, a push button rising plate was created for easy cleaning
  • Grindarolla was also conceived in 2002 but was not released until 2014

Our award winning assembly and magnetic feature of the original Herby’s Twist Grindaball™ ballgrinder™ has become the backbone of herb grinder technology as we know it today.

Mr. Ruzycky’s contributions helped move the industry out of the dark ages, from the plain ‘ol hockey puck style grinder to attractive, functional devices. Why not buy some history today?

A Canadian invention, EH!

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What does an herb grinder do?

It chops up your herbs so it can burn thoroughly & consistently with no lumps. Easier to use than your fingers or scissors.

What is a 3 chamber grinder?

1st part is the grinder. 2nd part has holes in the bottom of the grinder to pass through herbs and separate herbs from powder using the screen under the holes. 3rd part is a storage container

Is using a grinder better?

Using a grinder will help you create better consistency so that it burns better and evenly.

Can a herb grinder cut metal?

No, that is a different type of grinder. A herb grinder chops up veggies, herbs and other leafy materials.