Ninja Star Cleaner Orange


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This tool is the best way to keep your grinder in top condition. It is made with sooooper strong Polycarbonate plastic and will not break. Each “arm” has its own tool: pick, flat & a shaver for scrubbing the hard spots off. Easily stores inside your Herby’s Grindaball and Grindarolla. Definitely a useful thing to have!


You can read about us in Cannabis Culture Magazine, June 9, 2004:

The assembly and magnetic feature of the grinder was revolutionary at its time.

By 2005, Evan Ruzycky (Inventor – aka ‘That Grinderguy’) made three major updates to the herb grinder for the canna industry:

1. In 2001, the grinder assembly was re-invented consisting of 2 grinder plates and two shells.
2. In 2002, magnets were added to keep the two halves together
3. In 2005, a push button rising plate was created for easy cleaning

These three key innovations modernized the herb grinder as we know it today.  Any shape could now be created, the first magnetic 8ball grinder was born in May 2001.

Our award winning assembly and magnetic feature of the original Herby’s Twist Grindaball™ ballgrinder™ has become the backbone of herb grinder technology today.

Mr. Ruzycky’s contributions helped move the industry out of the dark ages, from the plain ‘ol hockey puck style grinder to attractive, functional devices.

A Canadian invention, EH!