Grinding with Herby’s Twist

Grinding with Herby’s Twist

Herb Grinder Innovation Meets Ease of Use

Nothing ruins a night like your smoking buddy demanding to roll the next joint and then producing a sloppy joint that burns terribly.

Luckily, there is a solution for those who can’t quite seem to master the art of a perfectly rolled joint.

The Grindarolla by Herby’s Twist is an innovative tool that grinds and rolls for you in three easy steps. You can make one to six joints at a time. The Grindarolla contains six main parts: a magnetic herb grinder, a cone, the body, a storage compartment, a cleaning tool, and a packing tool.




The magnetic herb grinder is an innovative grinder by Herby’s Twist that protects and seals your herb. The magnet keeps both halves of the top together. The body collects your ground herb to fill each stick that is within the body. The storage compartment below the body stores your herb. Both the ninja cleaning tool and the packing tool are stored within the Grindarolla.

The magnetic grinder is an essential part to the Grindarolla. Herby’s Twist was the first to create a magnetic herb grinder to protect your herb from falling out.

The Grindarolla creates joints in just three easy steps: grind, pack, and push. The innovative design allows you to roll faster, which means that you can enjoy your herb sooner. Become part of the revolution and check out the Grindarolla today!

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