How We Found Insta-Success With The Grindarolla

How We Found Insta-Success With The Grindarolla

So, what is the Grindarolla?

Well, it’s exactly as the name suggests. It grinds up tobacco (or maybe other products) packs it inside a joint, all the while rolling it for you. Oh, the Grindarolla can roll up to 7 joints at once, Did I forget to mention that?

(The Grindarolla Three Step Process)


Insta-Success With Instagram

The Grindarolla hits a specific pain point that causes many smokers grief, the rolling process.  We cut the inconvenience time severely, especially depending on how many tobacco products someone wants to roll. When it came down to social media, we wanted a way to showcase our product and its usefulness in the best way. Instagram proved to be the best platform for our product. The results have been amazing! People saw the value of our product and were immediately engaged. We saw a huge sales spike as a result. We’ve been dm’ed by countless people who say that the Grindarolla has helped change their smoking experience for the better. Perhaps, the most satisfying message we received was from a young lady whose Aunt had arthritis and could no longer roll papers, so she brought her a Grindarolla for her birthday and her Aunt was absolutely delighted. Customer testimonials like this make the whole experience worthwhile.   




We love to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, responding to as many questions and concerns about our product as possible. Our followers know that our pics aren’t just automated posts done by some random person, but by people who have taken their time and care about the people who are interested in our product.

We’ve also found success partnering up with other social accounts. When people see a product that they believe in they want to help share it with the world, and it’s been huge for the Grindarolla.


Through Instagram, we’ve seen the Grindarolla’s popularity soar through the roof. We firmly believe that it all starts with a passion for helping serve the people and once you have that everything else will eventually follow.

We are pleased to announce that once the Grindarolla hits 50k followers, we’re releasing a special edition version of the product. Stay tuned folks and grind on!

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